One Word Substitution For SSC, Bank, Airforce, NDA and other exams

One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution For SSC, Bank, Airforce, NDA and other exams

DIRECTIONS (Qs. 1-15): In the following questions, out of the
four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for
the given words/sentence.

 1. One who loves books.
(a) Bibliophile             (b) Bibliophagist
(c) Bibliophoebe        (d) Bibliographer

2. Speaking without preparation.
(a) Deliberate         (b) Fluent
(c) Loquacious       (d) Extempore

3. A special trial of the Head of State by Parliament.
(a) Impingement           (b) Infringement
(c) Impeachment          (d) Impediment

4. Someone able to use both hands with equal skill.
(a) Ambivalent      (b) Amphibious
(c) Ambiguous         (d) Ambidextrous

5. A cure for all diseases.
(a) Curable       (b) Panacea
(c) Incurable     (d) Curative

6. A raised place on which offerings to a God are made.
(a) rostrum        (b) church
(c) altar            (d) mound

7. Something that cannot be explained.
(a) unthinkable         (b) impregnable
(c) mysterious          (d) inexplicable

8. A written declaration made on oath in the presence of a
(a) affidavit           (b) dossier
(c) voucher           (d) document

9. A person who thinks only about himself’ and not about
others’ needs:
(a) egomaniacal      (b) egoistic
(c) egotistic             (d) egocentric

10. A guide-post pointing out the way for a place.
(a) finger-post        (b) lamp-post
(c) checkpoint          (d) last post

11. A group of three books, films etc. that have the same subject
or characters.
(a) trinity          (b) trilogy
(c) trio              (d) tripod

12. A study of the human race.
(a) anthropology        (b) archaeology
(c) ethnology              (d) etymology

13. An expert in an area of the fine or other arts.
(a) neophyte         (b) amateur
(c) connoisseur     (d) enthusiast

14. The art of preserving the skin of animals, birds, fishes.
(a) Topology       (b) Taxonomy
(c) Seismology    (d) Taxidermy

15. Chanting of magic spells.
(a) Narration         (b) Recitation
(c) Incarnation        (d) Utterance

Answer – 1a.    2d.    3c.   4d.   5b.   6c.   7d.     8a.    9d.   10a.     11b.    12a.        13c.   
                    14d.       15c
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